Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is Erosion and Stormwater Management recertification required?
A: Every three years.

Q: On what types of projects will Mn/DOT be requiring a certified person?
A: All projects that require an NPDES permit.

Q: What does NPDES mean?
A: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Q:What do NPDES requirements really pertain to?
A: Discharge of stormwater from construction sites.

Q: Does the 2-day course include what is covered in the 1-day course? (Does a person need to go to the 1-day course if they attend the 2-day course? Is the same stuff covered, etc.?)
A: No. They are two separate courses addressing two separate issues and two different audiences. The materials have some overlap, but are presented with different emphasis. The Construction Installer course covers proper installation of erosion/sediment control devices such as silt fence, erosion control blanket, mulch, and seeding. The Construction Site Management course covers permit requirements, consequences of violations, risk assessment, changes to the plan, and project administration. Some individuals who are asked to perform multiple duties on the construction site may need to take more than one course.

Q: Do people need to take both courses to be certified? Are these courses set up as a prerequisite, where the 1 day course needs to be taken before the 2 day course?
A: These courses are not set up to be specifically taken together. They have two separate audiences. Please read the course announcement and determine the function the potential attendee does on the project. Attendees do not have to take both courses, only the course that pertains to the work or responsibility the person has. Separate certifications are provided for each course.

Q: If I'm licensed/certified with the State of Minnesota do I also need to be certified with MnDot?
A: This is a training certification Mn/Dot is requiring on its projects, in addition to any other certification or licensing requirements that a person may have. A professional engineering registration or certification as an erosion control professional issued by another organization will not satisfy the Mn/Dot requirement for erosion control certification.

Q: Will there be any provisional certification for the Construction Installer, the Construction Site Management, or the Design of Construction SWPPP courses?
A: Provisional certification is available for the Construction Installer, Construction Site Management and Design of Construction SWPPP courses. Provisional certification will last only through the year the provisional course is taken, and will not be valid for the following construction season. You may earn provisional certification in a subject only once during a four-year period. The regular certification will last three years.

Q: How many people should attend from our company and how many certified people will be required on a Mn/Dot project?
A: There may be several certified people on one project depending on the type of work being done and if there are subcontractors. For example, there may be a grading contractor, a bridge contractor and a seeding contractor all on the same project. In addition, there are Mn/Dot personnel. Each operation requires a certified person to direct their respective portions of the overall work.

Q: Are Professional Development Hours (PDH) awarded for the courses?
A: Yes, these courses can count towards PDH requirements, but organizations and registration boards have final authority to review and approve PDHs. You should consult the rules and regulations of the organization where you hope to apply the PDH and understand their requirements and documentation needs. Instructors are able to provide some documentation for PDHs, but you may need to make a request if you need special documentation. The Installer course has 6 hours of contact PDH time, and the Construction Site Management and Design courses have 12 hours of contact PDH time each.