Certifications and Courses

The program offers a variety of workshops and many of these can be additionally customized to meet your training needs.  Some of the classes have an exam and passing the course and exam results in issuance of a certification which is valid for 3 years.  To maintain certifications, a "refresher class" or recertification class is required at 3 year intervals. A current Certification list of individuals is available on this website.  The program also offers classes that do not have an exam or certifications.  Any of the classes offered can be moved "in-house" to your facility, provided you have at least 25 attendees.

Certification Classes

Construction Stormwater Certification

This program offers the following certification classes for Erosion and Sediment control on construction sites.  These classes are required in the Minnesota Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for work on MnDOT projects.

EI1001 Construction Installer 
         (Online course also available)

EM2001 Construction Site Management

        (Online Course also available)

ED3001 Design of Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

       (Online Course also Available)

Construction Stormwater Re-Certification

The following recertification classes are needed every three years to maintain the certifications above.

RI1501 Construction Installer Recertification 
         (Online course also available)

RM2501 Construction Site Management Recertification

       (Online course also available)

RD3501 Design of Construction SWPPP Recertification

       (Online course also available)

Operations and Maintenance of Permanent Stormwater Treatment Practices Certification

The following workshop offers certification for maintenance of permenant stormwater management practices.  This is not currently required by MnDOT or the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

MR4701 Inspection and Maintenance of Permanent Stormwater Treatment Practices

MR4702 Permanent Stormwater Treatment Practice Maintenance Re-Certification

MR4703 Stormwater Treatment Practice Operations and Maintenance Plans


Several of the certifications above have been customized for specific industry needs.  Additional certifications can also be established based on needs.  Examples of customized content include:

  • Underground Utility Construction
  • Pipeline Utility Construction
  • Linear Project Construction
  • Commercial Project Construction
  • Transmission Utility Construction

Non Certification Classes

Industrial Stormwater

The following classes focus on stormwater management on industrial sites

ISW1201 - Industrial Stormwater Permit Training

ISW2201 - Design of Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

ISW2202 - Industrial Stormwater Regulations, SWPPPs, Sampling, and Monitoring

ISW3201 - Industrial Stormwater Sampling, Monitoring, and Inspections

ISW4201 - Industrial Facility Response to Benchmark Exceedance

ISW5001 - Managing Total Suspended Solids (TSS) on Industrial Facilities

Municipal Stormwater

The following classes provide stormwater training for municipal personnel.

MR4001 - Regulatory Enforcement

MS1108 - Illicit Discharge Management

Other Stormwater Topics

ED4201 - Designing for Volume Control and Infiltration

ES2002 - Small Site and Residential Construction Management

ED5005 - Enhanced Reactive Filters

ED8001 - P8 Software Modeling